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Due to the personal nature of massage therapy, pandemic type protocols will continue to be in effect at this time. Masking is required regardless of any vaccination status. If you do not have one, I will provide one for you. I can accommodate clients who have a problem masking while lying face down, but you must wear a face covering when you are face up.  My responsibility is to maintain the health of both clients and myself

NEW SERVICELIGHTER TOUCH MASSAGE: 30min/$42 (clothed) ~ 65min/$79

SWEDISH MASSAGE:  90min/$125 ~ 2hr/$155 ~ Variable times/$175

I specialize in Swedish Massage, and Healing with Energetic/Intuitive Touch. I incorporate other techniques also, depending on what your body needs. Most of the time my approach is intuitive, and I find that using many of the Swedish vibrational techniques lead to satisfying results for many.  I like to focus on anxiety and stress reduction through relaxation of the body, especially the effects on the nervous system.  Along with energetic/spiritual/physical alignment, this can encourage a faster healing process and promote a feeling of well-being.  During a regular session there can be some additional attention to problem areas of the body.

Massage is so important both physiologically and emotionally. In these times of stress and uncertainty, it is the one thing we can count on to help relieve the tension and cares of the day, to nurture us and allow us to be uplifted and in touch with ourselves.

Massage is a cumulative therapy, therefore several sessions will be of benefit according to any issues you may have. Monthly maintenance is encouraged. Remember, it took a while to develop those issues and it may take more than one or two sessions to help relieve them.  

See New Client and Discounted Package Offers Here

You get the full table listed time so please allow yourself an additional 15 minutes or more at the end of your session for garment changes/discussion. See below for my hours.

Paraffin Hand Bath:  20 min. = $25. Enjoy the healing warmth of paraffin on your sore or achy hands. Excellent for those who suffer from arthritis. Can be added to a massage (20 minutes includes hand massage).

  CLKButton Book NowHours by Appointment only – 8 hour advance notice required

By Appointment Only: Tues – Fri from 2pm – 7pm. Weekend hours same if available.  Please check booking schedule to see what is available for your convenience

For other hrs: Text or email for availability. Last appointment at 5:30pm. Later appointments available for established

$15 Discount for Seniors (65+), vets, and students.

 Thank you for your confidence in me. Referrals are always appreciated.

For those who are experiencing pandemic stress/anxiety:

One of the primary benefits of massage is a reduction of stress and anxiety (and depression). Numerous studies over the years have shown that massage therapy increases the levels of endorphins and serotonin in the body, thus reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. Massage also reduces certain hormone levels such as cortisol, which is responsible for increased stress. This is important especially for those who have been living with lack of touch  now and in the past.  Massage provides the human connection and assists in the re-connection to your own body.

To avoid billing – please cancel 24 hours before appointment time.  If you are late for your appointment, you may still be charged for your full appointment time, but the late minutes may be deducted from your massage depending on my schedule.  Thanks for understanding. Click below for my office policies.

See Policies

I turn to Angela when I need deep, emotional rest. Her bodywork style is thoughtful and gets to the heart of what I need
. …C. H., LMT,
Longmont. CO
“In your practice you focus on the person you are touching. That is what the great prophets of all times have done. They did not focus on statistics relating to the average income, number of crimes committed, unemployment, or divorce rates. They cared for the person in pain who stood before them. The person to help is always the one in front of you. The time to help is now and the thing to do is what that person needs. We make a difference by helping individuals. The ripple effect is a powerful one.”
…Dr. Bernie Siegel about Massage

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