Angela’s Philosophy

Massage is an artistic endeavor, as well as a therapeutic tool. As the artist’s work takes on a life of its own, as he struggles through his ups and downs of life and learning, so too with massage and the therapist. We gradually hone our skills, adding to it our own flavor and life.

As the artist learns to add color and to shade, so the therapist learns how to mold her hand to your body, how to make it smooth and flowing, how to make it a ‘dance of life and giving’, for we give to you what is in us that you need, through the sense of touch.

The therapist is both a giver and a receiver. We give to you our focus, our concentration, our healing energies, our capacity for love, forgiveness, and strength. You give back to us your trust, your weaknesses, your vulnerability, and you make us feel a connection with you and all of life. We strengthen you, and you allow us to feel a part of your life, even if but for a moment. And you send us, through touch, a healing also. For we feel what you feel. And we make each other better.

…….A. C.

Copyright 2002-2017 Angela Crisafulli, LMT

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