Posted by: Angela | March 24, 2022

New Service Added

Lighter Touch Massage

Recharge your batteries and let your spirit soar. 

Taking time to relieve stress, to relax your body and your mind, will help you get through life’s stressful moments with ease and grace.

Hi there, all you wonderful people out there in EveryWhere, and especially if you’re near me!! Some of you, if you have read my recent special offers, are in the know about the recent eye surgery I had on March 9th. Well….. it didn’t quite go as planned and so another one is coming up on Friday – yes, this Friday, March 25th. As a result, I have added a new service that may (or may not) become a permanent fixture here in the Land of Serenity Unlimited. Doctor’s orders – no heavy lifting or straining. And so I acclimate and do what I do, Swedish massage, but softer and gentler and more mindful. A soft gentle touch, clothed or not (you), with a little bit of gentle rocking and holding, and often a feather touch.

In addition to enhancing the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, by promoting relaxation, light touch massage can increase one’s overall emotional health.  And since it is a gentle technique, it can be especially beneficial for a someone who is highly sensitive to touch or for one whom the more intense pressure of a Swedish massage might be too much to tolerate.  Great for those who have never experienced massage before. Someone with fibromyalgia may be a good candidate for light touch massage.  As with any bodywork therapy, lighter touch massage produces those feel-good endorphins, and often pregnant women who are close to term (as well as those who are in the early stages of labor) find that light touch massage is relaxing yet invigorating at the same time.

Reduction of stress is one of the biggest benefits of this therapy.  And since stress itself interferes with the body’s healing mechanisms as well as the necessary communication between the brain and the nervous system, by reducing the level of stress, the body is more easily able to heal.

Light touch massage can also be incorporated into the health care protocol of someone recovering from trauma or severe injury, for whom pressure could be unbearable. 

Available only in 30 minutes/clothed ($42) or 65 minutes ($79) sessions. See my online schedule for available times. You can text me for an appointment, email me, or use the contact form on this site.

Lest I forget, HAPPY SPRING!! If you’re in Colorado, snow is expected next Friday, April 1. Just sayin’!

Note: Due to the personal nature of massage therapy, Covid-19 protocols will continue to be in effect. Masking is required regardless of vaccination status. If you do not have one, I will provide one for you. I can accommodate clients who have a problem masking while lying face down, but you must wear one when you are face up. Although covid-19 requirements have relaxed in Boulder County, there are still many other common viruses floating around. At this time I choose to maintain the health of clients and myself since I am personally at risk due to recent surgeries. I appreciated your understanding of this protocol.


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