Posted by: Angela | June 10, 2015

Aromatherapy Anyone?

If you know me, you know that my massage is geared for relaxation and stress reduction (which is also great for helping to reduce high blood pressure). For most of my massage career I have used aromatherapy as a most useful adjunct, making my own therapeutic blends for clients and for the patients of the chiropractor I partnered with. There are two success stories I enjoy telling that combine both massage and aromatherapy.  I like to tell them because they are quite dramatic to me and emphasize the benefits of the relaxation of body/mind and yes – we’ll include spirit too.

My first story involves a client I had been working with for a couple of years.  Her daughter, who lived out of state, had been trying to pregnant2get pregnant for quite some time – years, if I remember correctly.  She asked me if I could make an oil blend to help out.  I had a special blend that I used to make that I called (such an original name here) ‘Aphrodisia’.  I know, I know….. yeah right.  But it was the most beautiful aroma with a mixture of wonderful smelling oils traditionally used to promote relaxation and a bit of a lift to the libido.  Well, I made a bottle of massage oil using this blend with specific instructions for her husband to massage this on his wife on a regular basis.  Oh, about three months later – VOILA!! – daughter’s pregnant. .  Now, it could have been the massage (or back rub, or whatever was comfortable), or it could have been the oil.  My guess is the combination of both and well…… intention, intention, intention.

Second story – a client I had worked with years ago – a friend of a friend – owned her own spa, and had not been able to conceive for about 7pregnant1 years.  I happened to be visiting my friend and she asked if I could give this woman a massage as a special treat (for some reason she didn’t get any at her spa).  Knowing her situation, I gave her a relaxing massage and used one of my favorite oils – Neroli, diluted and used very sparingly as it’s a very strong scent.  Besides, when using eo’s, less is more!  And VOILA!!! friend of my friend is pregnant.  Found that out a couple of months after her tx.

As in the first story, I’m pretty sure it’s the combination of the qualities of the oils and the relaxation brought about from the massage that helped both women finally conceive.


Thought I would share this article about stress and aromatherapy.


[…] Stress is very personal.  What makes me stressed, might not phase you at all and visa versa.  It is important to treat stress related issues.

Over 70% of doctors visits are due to stress.  9.5 million see a physician due to stress.  About 80% of serious illness are linked to stress (at least w/stress making them worse).  It is said to be the 2nd cause of disability in the US.  43% of US adults suffer from stress induced illnesses.  80% of medical expenses are due to stress-related illnesses!  Lack of work due to stress is said to cost the American Industry up to $300 billion annually.  (Read entire article Here)


With love, Angela

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