Posted by: Angela | January 21, 2012

Back to CO


It’s been a very eventful year+.  A year and 3 months, actually. Well almost 3 months.  We arrived here with hopes and aspirations, just to have most of them quashed by totally unexpected illness in the family.  Which has led to quite a financial blow to all of us.  Which is now leading to us going back to CO to heal, revamp, rejuvenate, reconstruct, and get ready for the trek back to Austin – whole again in body, mind, spirit, and pocketbook.

Mom is ecstatic about going back.  She loves it there, and it was good for her health (not counting the broken ankle, toe, pneumonia, etc).  She’s actually been healthier there than the almost 40 years spent in S. Florida.  No headaches for one thing.  Okay, it’s a major thing.  Apparently no one ever told her that most of her headaches were due to allergy/high humidity…. Duh!!!  Back pain – well, that’s something she’s been living with a very long time and it’s fairly under control now.  Anyway, wasn’t planning on making this post about my mom’s health.  Let’s just say she’s happy to go back, even if it’s just for 5 or 6 months.  (YES, WE ARE COMING BACK TO AUSTIN!!

Daughter and younger grandsons – that’s the main (hi)story of why we are where we are at the moment.  See earlier post about MCS and the ‘sick house’ and them being sick this whole time.  Well, they are getting better, but daughter’s body isn’t cooperating very well in the process.  And the pain docs out here won’t follow her tried and true protocol from CO in helping her manage the pain due to spinal issues, plus there’s that horrible experience of trying to find a doctor that can work with you and actually help you heal.  It’s  one of those things where you just have to try them to see if they work, except without insurance there’s no money to try anything!!!  And so we are NEEDING to go back to Colorado where we DO know the doctors that can help.  They already were in the process of doing so.  I guess we just expected the med. community here to follow along with what was working, and they don’t necessarily do that.  Well, there’s just no time or money to start interviewing practitioners at whatever exorbitant amount of money they charge just for a consult.  And the pain and MCS and body stuff are what keeps my very talented and knowledgeable bodyworker daughter from being able to ply her trade/do her stuff/ make people better and thus bringing in some much needed income.

Oy!!!!  My story – after much resistance to coming to Austin (well, Texas really) in the first place, I have come to really like it here. No, not Texas, but Austin.  It’s a great city, and the most wonderful people live here.  Kind, warmhearted, helpful.  And many opportunities for me  One of the main problems for me is that empath stuff.  Yeah, it gets in the way quite a bit.  Needing to be alone to think is what fuels my drive and enables me to have my own thoughts and clarity.  Being with someone 24/7 pretty much kills it.  But things will be as they must.  I have met some great people in the holistic community, made some contacts, and know there is a place here for me and what I want to do (once I finally decide what that is, or what I want to be when I grow up).  Not living in linear time doesn’t help.

Bitch bitch bitch…. No, I’m not bitching. Or whining.  Or complaining.  It is what it is.  All I know is that six months ago I would have been happy at this decision.  Now, I’m just ‘okay’ with it as long as I know I’ll be back here.  Financially, it’s going to be a really good thing.  Health-wise, another really good thing. For me too, since I haven’t even starting looking for a DO to work with (it took me forever in CO but I did).  I’m hoping that we can all live under one roof without hating each other or being totally miserable.  Because that’s what it’s gonna be – all of us under one roof until the move back.  At least, that’s the plan.   The plan had become looking for a house here in Austin that we could all live in to save us $$ (what should have been in the first place, but there’s that woulda coulda shoulda factor).  So might as well use that timing for the CO return.

But – we’re keeping all our stuff here, furniture and other things not needed back there that we can live without for a short time.  That will pretty much guarantee our return.

Life!!  Gotta love it.

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