Massage and Bodywork

Serving Your Kneads Since 1989

Anxiety/Stress Reduction/Pain Relief

Have you ever wanted to just feel good?  To close your eyes and feel your stress and anxiety just melting away, a sigh of relief escaping from your lips as you drift off to a place of serenity and well-being? The chattering in your mind begins to quiet, your nerves begin to settle as that stress and anxiety start to leave your body.  Feel some of those little aches, pains and areas of soreness ease up as your muscles begin to relax.  You begin to feel connected with your body again, to feel whole.  Feel better in body, mind, and spirit. 

Here’s How That Happens

With massage and energetic touch, I strive to ease your body/mind/spirit back into balance, assisting it in its healing processes by reducing stress, tension, anxiety. depression and pain. In a more relaxed state, you are able to heal faster. Receiving regular massage also helps boost your immune system, allowing it to do its job in warding off states of dis-ease.  I work intuitively and utilize most Swedish massage techniques plus others that I have learned over the years.


 “Massage therapy can improve a person’s emotional health by reducing stress and stress hormones; by increasing serotonin and thereby reducing depression and pain; and by enhancing immune function and thereby reducing bacterial and viral illnesses,” explains Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Miami, Fla